High-voltage ceramic capacitors, non-insulated K15-14a
Ordering example CAPACITOR K15-14a-15 kV-680 pF10%- 200 kVAr- OJO.460.152 TU

For use as built-in components of the equipments internal wiring, in direct, alternating & ripple current circuits as well for pulse duty.
Two forms: cold/moderate-climate (UHL) and all-climate (B).
Difficult to burn.

TC group NPO
Rated capacitance 680 pF
Capacitance tolerance 10, 20%
Rated high-frequency voltage 15 kVeff
Rated direct-current voltage (for moderate/cold-climate version) 20 kV
Rated direct-current voltage (for all-climate version) 10 kV
Dissipation factor max 0,0012
Insulation resistance min 10000 M
Rated reactive power Fig. 1
Fig. 2

200 kVAr
330 kVAr
Mass Fig.1

max 1800 g
max 2600 g
Operating temperature range -60...+100C
Air pressure 666...294000 Pa
Relative air humidity For moderate/cold-climate form     25C
For all-climate form                       35C

max 98%
Mechanical loadingsVibroacceleration          1... 35 Hz
Multiple-shock acceleration

max 6 g
max 15 g
Guaranteed accrued working-time 15000 h
Guaranteed shelf life 10 yrs

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