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TE Systems Amplifiers

(An "Unsolicited Testimonial!")

This is the front- and back-panel views of a TE Systems High Power Amplifier (HPA). The HPA's are 3" high, 11" wide and 10" deep. I own one for 6m (about 375W out), two for 2m (about 400W out), one for 1.25 m (about 270W out), and one for 70cm (about 170W out). Clearly, I'm sold on them, and once you hear one, maybe even me from some distance away in my mobile, you'll like them, too! By the way, when I upgraded from my 160 Watt "brick" to the ~400 Watt TE Systems amplifier on 2m, the improvement in distant stations' ability to hear me was astronomical! What a difference 4dB makes!!!

Front Panel
 1. Amplifier IN/OUT Switch 5. "Hard Key" (PTT Switched) Indicator
 2. Green when Amp is IN 6. FM, no delay; CW/SSB, delay adjustable
 3. Red when Amp is "Amplifying" 7. Green when Preamp is IN
 4. Red when temperature exceeds +65 C 8. Preamp IN/OUT Switch

Back Panel

The knob at the center sets transmit drop-out delay (maximum of about 4 seconds) when the amplifier is the CW/SSB mode. The seven "pin" "Remote Accessory" (ACC.) socket allows control of amplifier function from a remote location. TE Systems amplifiers are factory wired for internal RF sensing operation. This can be overridden by using the ACC. socket connections. The RF INPUT/OUTPUT connectors are SO-239 (UHF) except on the 70cm amplifier which uses "N" connectors.

The accessory socket is wired as follows:

1.  FM/SSB external control - with front panel switch in CW-SSB position, ground for FM, open for CW-SSB.

2.  Direct keying (PTT) - ground for PA amplify.

3.  +12.5VDC (1A max) - my note, comes off the 13.8VDC PA pwr input thru a diode.

4.  no connection

5.  Remote control operation - when ungrounded, PA cannot be activated (cut internal ground to enable this).

6.  Ground

7.  LED illumination control - when ungrounded, front LED lights are inoperative, except for "RF" LED (cut internal ground to enable this).

P.O. Box 25845, Los Angeles, California 90025 TEL (310) 478-0591
FAX (310) 473-4038


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