Field Strength & Receive Signal Levels...

This procedure calculates the relationship of Received Signal Level (RSL) at the input to the receiver with the Field Strength at the antenna in mV/m and dBm ("dB referenced to mV per meter").

The calculator is initialized for a 1 mV received signal level in a 50 Ohm system at 144MHz, with antenna gain of 10dB and transmission line loss of 1 dB. To run the default calculation, click on "Compute". To run a different senario, mkae the desired selections, highlight the applicable number and enter a new value. Make sure units of system impedance and "start point" are properly selected, then click on "Compute". To run the default calculation again, click on "Reset Input" and then on "Compute".

(2) Select impedance of antenna system:
        50 Ohm system   75 Ohm system
(2) Select start-point of calculations:
        Field Strength at antenna (mV/m)
        Field Strength at antenna (dBm)
        RSL at receiver input (mV)
        RSL at receiver input (dBm)

(3) Highlight "1" and enter value as defined above at start-point:  
(4) Highlight "1" and enter Frequency in MHz:  
(5) Highlight "0" and enter gain over a dipole of antenna in dB:  
(6) Highlight "0" and enter Line loss from antenna to receiver in dB:  

(7)   Click on and scroll down for results!                        

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