Calculating Heat Loss...

It's relatively easy to determine how much power a device will dissipate, or lose in heat, if it is a 3dB attenuator; or has 3dB insertion loss; it will dissipate close to one half of the power applied. Not all passive devices, however, exhibit such readily recognized numbers for insertion loss or attenuation. This calculator determines the amount of power dissipated and the amount of heat generated for those examples which have attenuations for which the user would, while keeping units of power and their relationships correct, have to use a calculator to solve

    H = | P - P( 10(-1( | L/10 | )) ) |
    P is the power applied in KW
    L is the insertion loss (attenuation) in dB
    H is the amount of power dissipated/heat generated in KW
NOTE:  Units of power MUST be selected before the calculator will provide results (change numerical entries as desired).

(1) Select units of power to be entered:
 KW      W      mW

(2) Highlight "1" in left-hand field and enter power level:

 =   W
(3) Highlight "0" in field and enter loss in dB:

Power dissipated:    W
Heat generated:    BTU/hr

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