Power Level Changes...

Calculate the result of increasing a power level ("gain" in dB), or decreasng a power level ("loss" or "attenuation" in dB):  (1) Select "gain" or "attenuation", and (2) enter the applicable number of dB. (3) Select the units of the initial power entry and (4) enter the initial power level.  (5) Click "compute" to determine the resulting power level.

NOTE:  Gain/Attenuation and units of power MUST be selected before the calculator will provide results (change numerical entries as desired).

(1) Select Gain or Attenuation:    Gain    Attenuation
(2) Highlight "0" and enter the amount:            dB
(3) Select units of power to be entered:  mW    W    dBm    dBW
(4) Highlight "1" in the left-hand field & enter power:
                  = mW & dBm

An ND2X javascript calculator