GS-23B 2M PA

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Chassis Details

The pictures below show the chassis with basic installation of parts already begun.

Top view
Above:  Top view of the chassis. Below:  Click on pictures to enlarge.

Left side Right side To left, transformers mounted on left side of chassis, listed left to right: 1) 550 VCT G2 xformer, 2) 110 VAC isolation transformer that develops the G1 bias, and 3) 18V - 0 - 18V supply for control and relay circuitry. To right, the filament transformer is mounted on the right side of the chassis.

The blower mount position is clear. Directly above the blower cutouts is the position of the mechanical apparatus that moves the plate load capacitor plates. To the right (top to bottom) is the Millen HV connector, the output "N" connector and R12.

Front view

Front, close-up

Front, completed, from bottom

The picture at right shows the area between the front panel of the amp and the faceplate, viewed from below. The shaft for the input tune control is near the bottom, the mechanical apparatus for the plate tune is above this. To the left is the resistor that bleeds 10 mA of G2 current to the cathode. Further right is R14, and RV102 (not actually used in the final version). Above RV102 is Q2 (barely visible). Also visible are the feedthrough caps C10 & C11 for the filament voltage to the tube, and the varsistors that protect the screen bypass capacitors and tetrode boards in case of HV flashover to G2. Lastly, a low-value resistor is used to drop the filament voltage generated by the filament transformer to no more than 6.3 VAC, measured right at the tube.

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