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Here are links to some of the HAM Radio sites on the web. They cover a variety of topics, including many of their own sets of links to sites of interest. These are in generally alphabetical order, so do not try to read anything into Texas A&M being in front of UT Austin (unless you just really need to)! This page will be perpetually under construction, as I'll be adding links as long as there are more on the WWW to add....

Check 'em out!

This site has absolutely NOTHING to do with HAM radio; it's just good clean Texas fun!

Please submit URLs for any club/organization site which might be of value.

   50MHz and Up Group of Northern California, Inc.
   The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation Home Page
   The American Radio Relay League
   Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club MicroWave Page
   Cedar Rapids MicroWave Society
   Central States VHF Society
   Chippewa Valley VHF Contesters
   WWW Open Directory Project - VHF(+) site listing
   East Tennessee DX Association
   K8GP - Delmarva VHF & Microwave Society
   Kitchenr-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club's 10 GHz Page
   Midsouth Area 2 Meter SSB Group Homepage
   W2SZ/1 - The Mount Greylock Expeditionary Force
   Midwest VHF/UHF Society (Hosts for Microwave Update 2006)
   North East Weak Signal Group
   Northern Lights Radio Society
   North Texas Microwave Society
   Pacific Northwest VHF Society web site
   Pack Rats site out of Eastern Pennsylvania
   Roadrunners Microwave Group (Hosts for Microwave Update 2004)
   Rocky Mountain VHF+ web site
   San Bernadino Microwave Society (Hosts for Microwave Update 2005)
   Southeastern VHF Society
   Sidewinders on Two Radio Club
   Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Home Page
   Rochester VHF Group
   Western States Weak Signal Society Activities Page

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Please submit URLs for HAM websites which merit consideration for addition to this list.
   >2500 links to HAM sites on the www.
   Misc. 10GHz notes., IF rigs, etc.
   EME, Weak Sig's etc.
   Radio mods for EME
   QRO & Lots of links!
   Amateur Radio Propagation Studies
   Lots of links!
   More Miles On VHF
   VHF Message Board
   DK5YA's Potpouri of VHF
   Links & construction proj's
   Amateur radio resources - excellent site as to who has what on the air.
   World Above 1GHz
   Technical Notebook
   Check "Tech info"
   "Scroll down" for good stuff
   Software designed to help make rainscatter contacts on the microwave bands.
   JT44/JT65 & WSJT information and software
   VHF/UHF weak signal good stuff
   VHF+ Website
   See "MISC" (HP-478 Thermistor Mount)
   Home Brew HAM Antennas
   Trailer-mounted 23cm EME
   1296 MHz web site
   KK5UY's Links
   "Not much of a home page!" - NOT!!
   VHF / UHF  Weak Signal Pages
   VHF propagation and much more.
   Data on surplus Russian tubes & PAs using them worldwide.
   Primarily VHF, UHF, Microwave & Laser
   VHF Contesting
   A European perspective; VHF & QRO
   VHF through microwaves
   VHF/UHF and WAY up
   Info on VHF/UHF & SHF
   PA3EPD's EME Page
   VHF/UHF "Stuff"; 23cm hybrid
   70cm PA, antennas
   List of Microwave Info Sources
   VHF/UHF/SHF Weak Signal & EME
   VHF+ Weak Signal Site
   The Aussie perspective
   More Aussie microwaves
   UHF & Microwave site
   Microwave links & "stuff"
   Microwave HAM Radio
   Collection of VHF WEB Pages
   Misc links & data
   all about "roving", VHF and up links, operating techniques
   Technical Quick Picks
   Microwave Projects
   Great software for custom meter faces, filter design, etc.
   W7CQ VHF/UHF site.
   DSP-10 2m IF & audio DSP transceivercvr
   homebrew PA parts & supplies
   WM7D's Site
   Bit o'everything

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Please submit URLs for any miscellaneous site which might be of value.
   Auroral Activity
   Three lookup "engines" on one page from the Temple, TX ARC.
   DMOZ open directory project - many VHF-oriented sites.
   View the earth or moon from various orbital perspectives!
   W6/PA0ZN EME, SETI, Radio Astronomy and Radio Amateur site.
   Geospatial Information
   A good, basic tutorial on GPS from Trimble!
   The 09/71 HP Journal describing the HP 141 SpecAn & components
   Basic MW design theory in hypertext encyclopedic format, ETC.!!
   VHF Propagation and QSO loggers
   Radio Programming Guides For: Kenwood, Icom & Yaesu Radios!
   Hepburn VHF/UHF Forecasts, + assoc'd data & sites
   National lightning loop - Where is/was the lightning?
   Calculate RF exposure level; read thoroughly before entering power!
   Flexible, free RF/MW Eng'g tools, includes Smith chart calculator.
   On-Line Realtime Satellite Tracking
   SETI home page - Are we alone?
   Space Weather: Ap, Kp, Sunspot numbers! Good stuff!
   Sunspots; includes links to sites about aurora phenomena.
   What time is it, ANYWHERE in the world?

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Please submit URLs for any vendor site which might be of value.
   Agilent's (formerly Hewlett-Packard) technical site
   Parts, parts, parts.
   New self supporting towers and accessories.
   Antenna and transmission line systems and parts.
   DIRECTIVE SYSTEMS: Antenna systems and accessories.
   Advanced Receiver Research.
   Aluminum, steel and plastic material in many forms.
   Wattmeters and such.
   Lotsa surplus STUFF
   Antennas and communications system accessories
   Byers Chassis kits and materials.
   CQ Magazine
   CQ VHF magazine
   RFI filters from 6m through 23cm.
   The Down East Microwave, Inc. site.
   Parts, modules, antennas, etc.
   Solid state microwave amps.
   Innovative Electronic Kits, transceivers, transverters.
   Eugen Elektronik - Inexpensive parts from Germany - in German!
   A Test & Measurement Equip't Support Organization; Manuals for test gear.
   Loop antennas for the mobile, 6M through 70cM
   KMA Antennas
   Kuhn (DB6NT) Electronic Components transverters, PAs, etc.
   Antennas, antennas, antennas (and accessories).
   W7FG Vintage Manuals: 7200 manuals for test, HAM & stereo equipment.
   WB9ANQ's Surplus Store
   Access to data sheets among other things = Registration req'd
   Fujitsu Power GaAs FETs
   Power "stuff" & more (connectors, inverters, RIGblaster, RF adapters, etc.)
   cables, connectors, wire, all sorts of stuff!
   Source of stainless steel hardware.
   SHF Microwave Parts Company.
   SCTV-SkyCable - Vendor of interesting satellite converter "stuff."
   SSB Electronic USA - Vendor of equipment covering 10MHz. - 47.0GHz
   Hangar 18 Surplus from Phil Galloway
   The Tektronix site - live long and prosper
   Electronic Test Equipment- Vendor of good surplus test equipment.
   Vendor of amateur radio equipment, antennas and accessories.
   VHF kits from down under!
   WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH
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