(Generally Mobile) out of San Antonio, TX

What I run in the mobile:

BAND Pwr Level Antenna   Remarks

80-10M 300W A Tarheel "Stubby" "screwdriver antenna"   300W makes a surprising difference in comparison to 100W!!

6M 350W
(TE Systems)
Either 1/4-Wave Vertical Whip or KB6KQ Loop   You would be surprised how much difference a little power makes!

2M 400W
(TE Systems)
Two stacked KB6KQ Loops   I spend more time on 2m SSB while on the road than all the other bands combined!

135cM 270W
(TE Systems)
Two stacked KB6KQ Loops   Where IS everybody (except K5VH, K5IUA, W5UWB & W3XO)? This band ROCKS!!

70cM 170W
(TE Systems)
Four stacked KB6KQ Loops   The 4-ant array is a real performer!

33cM 70W
6dB Alford slot   Will add 300W PA shortly.

23cM 85W
6dB Alford slot   This is a fun band, doppler notwithstanding!

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