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Alex Boreysha, RW1AW lives in St. Petersburg, Maidenhead grid designator KO59dv, in the Russian Federation. His house is about 3km from the Svetlana Factory. As can be seen in the picture on his QSL card, he is active on both 2m and 70cm EME.

He was first licensed at the age of 16 years as UA1AFW. The next year, at the age of 17, he experienced his first airplane flight. Now, as a graduate of the Air Force Akademy, he is a test pilot. He regularly flies aircraft such as the MIG-29 and SU-31, and has flown the F-15 and F-16, as well! He also graduated from Radio Engineering University, and the result of that, coupled with the close attention to detail required in his occupation as a test pilot, is obvious in his PA designs.


Alex RW1AW in Estonia at the XXXIX VHF/UHF/SHF festival, 28-29 Jun 2002. Alex demonstrated his 23cM GS-34 PA in its new water-cooled configuration at the festival!


At left, the RW1AW shack before the 23cm GS-34 PA, an FT-100D at top center. At right, the RW1AW shack with the GS-34 PA added!

At left, the new location of the FT-100D, now in Alex's car. The car is parked not far from the RW1AW home QTH. At right, The companion antenna to the FT-100D, the ATAS-100, is shown installed on the roof of Alex's car, with a bit of St Petersburg in the background. Nice installation!

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