GS-34 PA for 23cm
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This page shows construction details for the GS-34 water cooled PA shown HERE.

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At left, the parts of the GS-34 PA, with a detail of the anode blocking capacitor parts inset at top. At right, the Anode cavity, the grid, cathode and heater tubes, and the GS-34, shown with the water cooler attachment and the nut which is used with the GS-34 to attach whatever cooler is used.

At left, cathode/heater and heater tubes, shown disassembled. At right, input and output tuning capacitor cylinders with input and output coupling assemblies. The long, input cable is 4mm teflon insulated coax, and the output is 7mm teflon insulated coax. The connectors are standard 50 ohm female Russian CP-50 connectors, rated for excellent SWR and power handling ability through 3 GHz.

At left, the anode cavity parts. At right the GS-34 with anode water cooler installed, and the GS-34-1 with its 50mm diameter air cooler (The GS-34 has no cooler - the GS-34-1 has a 50mm diameter air cooler, and the GS-34-2 has a 25mm air cooler).

The PA cavity assembly: At left, the anode cavity end, featuring the water cooling head and, at left, the cathode/heater end of the PA.

At left are three Russian tubes used at 23cm; from left, the GI-7B and GS-34-1 triodes, both rated at 350W anode dissipation, and the GS-15B tetrode rated at 200W anode dissipation. The GI-7B will deliver up to approximately 250W without thermal drift, even if the anode is water cooled. A GS-34 will deliver approximately 200+W without thermal drift, unless used at low duty cycles (like SSB) under which it can do 400W out, either air or water cooled. The GS-15B, air cooled, is totally stable at 280W and, water cooled, at 350W output.

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