Russian Tube Data

These tube specifications are interpretations of pages copied from a Russian language tube specification manual, sent to me by UR4LL, compared with specifications presented on various sites on the www. An excellent Russian-English Technical glossary was compiled by G4PMY which helps understand the Russian specifications sheets! I found agreement on most tubes (and validated my "reading" of the Russian data). I also found one or two instances where the data on the web was incorrect. Several web sites carry information about these tubes; those I found with the most data are Tube Data Sheets, DF6NA, PE1OGF, and Scientific Technical Centre NavigatoR. Additionally, to get me started, UR4LL provided english notes on the initial data sheets; if you are interested in purchasing these tubes, contact Dr Alex Gavva, UR4LL . If your email program does not pick up the "UR4LL" email link, his address is "ur4ll" followed by "@" and "".

TRIODES GI-6b GI-7b series GI-39b
GS-1b / GS-2b GS-9b / GS-90b GI-46b (soon)
GS-31b GS-34 GS-35b
GS-36B GU-43B GU-74B
GU-78B GU-84B  

NOTE:  Before using these tubes, see "HV Tester" and "tube prep" below!!

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