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Where the WB8WJU GS-35B HF PA bug first bit - Tom's initial entry into the GS-35B HF PA arena, rack mounted and, by the looks of things, all ready to rock 'n' roll! Full legal WHAT?


Below is a quick look at a Desktop HF PA built around a GS-35B. It uses a remote power supply like the MLA-2500B "conversion" and uses the same untuned input circuitry.


Desktop GS-35B HF PA. Love those 160 - 10M, no bandswitch PAs!!


Right side view of PA under construction, showing the 2500 pF, 6KV loading vacuum variable capacitor, the 40 uH, 10 KV roller inductor, and (on the rear wall) the Jenning DPDT RB3 vacuum Relay.


Left side view of PA under construction, showing the 500 pF, 6KV tuning vacuum variable capacitor, the GS-35 socket enclosure and air chimney assembly, and the front panel turns counters for the pi-network elements as described.



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