GS-35B Power Supply
by   WB8WJU
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Front view of the remote power supply suitable for GS-35B PAs. The meter is Simpson 0-5000 VDC.


Power supply cabinet at beginning of construction. This shows (1) the plate transformer, with a 240V primary and 3500V, 2A CCS secondary, (2) the "volume control" 0-280V, 25A Variac, and (3) the Russian 40uF, 5 KV filter Capacitor.


Close-up of the "volume control" in place.


Top view of the power supply showing a whole BUNCH of stuff, like the four HV-14-1 HV Modules (K2AW), the 30-sec vacuum time delay relays for high and low voltage in-rush protection, the 12 and 28 volt low voltage transformers, etc., etc.!!


Back view of the cabinet showing the millen HV and control connectors.



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